Beauty through health

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Over thirty years in the health and beauty industry - and I'm still full
of enthusiasm for the business and for the products and treatments
I've chosen for my Taunton salon! In fact, I feel passionate about sharing with you my unique approach to beauty, which works at a much deeper
level of understanding of the body and skin than conventional "beauty
therapies." This allows us to establish the real cause of any issues affecting one's outer appearance, and then find the correct solutions - all at a realistic
and affordable price.

Whether we like it or not, today's world focuses on image, but your health - and even more importantly your emotional state - has a huge effect
on whether you look your best at any point in time, and even causes physical changes over a longer period. To address this, I have blended certain holistic, complementary therapies with the best of modern beauty technology, using a fine balance of both to achieve our clients' goals. I call this unique approach "beauty through health."

The skincare products I have selected mirror this philosophy, being
in my view the most curative of those available, using the highest potency of essential oils and plant extracts to achieve real results in the battle against ageing and other skin conditions.

I do hope you enjoy looking through the treatments and products we offer, and look forward to seeing you in the salon soon!

With best wishes

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