- Excess weight
- Lack of tone
- Poor digestion
- IBS or bloated tummy
- Headaches and Migraine
- Tiredness
- Lack of energy
- Eczema
- Rosacea
- Acne
  and other skin problems

The heart of this is a one-hour consultation to identify your problem areas, understand your own body and find out what it needs to be and stay healthy.

To help in this process you will be asked to complete a five-day eating diary so we can help you look at your eating habits and make adjustments to fit in with your lifestyle.

You will learn about the ways in which foods can contribute to symptoms such as bloating and weight issues, and also skin problems like eczema and rosacea, and what a balanced diet really means. In some cases clients move on to consider the full Cellular Detox programme, in order to make a decisive move towards a reinvigorated body and improved diet.

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