- Thread veins
- Redness or rosacea
- Age spots / sun damage on hands or face
- Acne and other problem skin
- Insufficient tone on face or body
- Dark circles under the eyes
- Puffy eyes
- Eczema
- Wrinkles


Younger looking skin

Younger looking skin

We would all like to have beautiful skin. Of course some people suffer with the complete opposite – problem skin, acne, rosacea, spots and breakouts. In fact I was recently reading about a survey by the British Skin Foundation, which found that a shocking 1 in 5 acne sufferers have considered committing suicide, with over 95% saying it had an impact on their daily lives.

On the plus side, there is help available. And you won’t be surprised that my view is that it’s the “inner you” that we need to look at first to start to solve this tricky skin problem. For example, I am pleased to say that we have had pretty amazing results here in the clinic with nutritional support using products from The Advanced Nutrition Programme.

Then of course we have the benefit of modern technology to help firm, tone and treat, such as Venus Freeze, Ellipse pulsed light, non-needle acupuncture and Genie Complete, to complement the superb Sentéales plant-based essential oil facials and treatments from French skincare scientist, Carole Franck.

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